VD FileSearcher

Fast and easy finds local files

VD File Searcher is desktop application for finding local files.

It will help you easily and very quickly find files and directories on your local hard discs and other storage drives. Developed in Java programming language and based on the fastest open source Lucene search engine, it runs on every platform and find files in a second no matter how big your file system is, or how many files you have there.

Why VD FileSercher? Some reasons why this kind of software is needed

Searching for files is feature present in all operating systems. In Linux, there is find tool, and in modern versions of Windows all you need to do is click Start button and just start typing. Also many file managers like Total Commander or Double Commander also have embedded find files function. So, why another application for it?
The main idea is to have application with intuitive interface, which finds exactly what we want, and does that quickly. All three requirements are hardly met in existing integrated operating system searches or file managers. Operating system searches often results in lot of unnecessary or system files, or don't scan all drives, and file managers don't index files, so their searching is slow. VD FileSearcher tries to fulfill them all, see complete list of features below.


FREE to use
This application is freeware. There are no fees for its download and usage.
Runs on every platform
Developed in JAVA programming language, it's platform agnostic. But it does require JAVA runtime installed on your machine.
Fast searching
Based on the quickest open source search engine Lucene, its average in retrieving any result from full 600GB hard disc is below one second.
No installation
Just download the file and run it. If JAVA is installed both .exe and .jar versions can be started with double click. If not, you will be redirected to browser page where you can download JAVA runtime for your platform.
Constant indexing
When open, VD FileSearcher constantly indexes files from categories and directories you added. While you use it for searching it scans them in background to ensure you get up to date results. It does so in low processor usage manner, so you don't notice any impact on performance of other applications.
Customized search
VD FileSearcher doesn't just index all you hard discs. It uses categories you created with directories also selected by yourself. So category is set of directories, which can optionally include their subdirectories.
This more flexible approach allows you to search just specific category, or add new category for your USB drives, DVDs, and other interchangeable storage media. Also, you don't have to include all content from your hard discs, thus making index smaller and more quickly updated.



Download is available at SourceForge.