Privacy Policy

Flipico Facebook app

Basic info

We respect your privacy. We won’t use any of your data for purposes other than for providing service and related to Flipico game.

In order to receive information about your Personal Data, the purposes and the parties the Data is shared with, contact the Owner.

Data Controller and Owner
Komante Software, komante -at-

Facebook permissions asked by this Application

This Application may ask for some Facebook permissions allowing it to perform actions with the User's Facebook account and to retrieve information, including Personal Data, from it. For more information about the following permissions, refer to the Facebook permissions documentation and to the Facebook privacy policy.

The permissions asked are the following:
Basic information
By default, this includes certain User’s Data such as id, name, picture, gender, and their locale. Certain connections of the User, such as the Friends, are also available. If the User has made more of their Data public, more information will be available.

Cookies usage

Cookies are used by Flipico application only to provide normal functionality of the service, to maintain player's game session.