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You'll know your project is going well, if it's fun to work on.


What distingueshes Komante in the landscape of software development is our approach, as well as our products. As we said - You'll know your project is going well, if it's fun to work on. It means that we believe that development should be fun, as any other form of creation is. Not only in the beginning, but all the way through the project or product lifecycle. And for our products it is.

First od all, because here you can find applications like nowhere else on the web. We take creative ideas that looks interesting, and want to answer - Ok, how realization of the idea would look like? One thing is to conceive the product from idea, to analyze it, compare it with similar products, weight its usability and possible profitability, but another to really see it working. That's why our products are unique. We wanted to see those ideas working.

Of course, creation of any software product is not an easy task. So to make possible to see our ideas working we need:

  • Fast prototyping
  • Rapid, agile development
  • Lot of experience, expertise, and coordination to make development smooth
  • Expert knowledge of the tech stack we use
  • Accordance with standards, good practices and proper architecture and process
  • And always, enough time to just think!

Here you can find an overview of already developed products. Most of them are free to use, go ahead and try it. Products are divided into categories, according to their purpose and development technologies used. Apps for desktop applications, Tools for components, libraries and programming tools, and Games for html5 and javascript based web games.

Our portfolio

Disclaimer: Keeping and maintainig software products need time, and sometimes refactoring or even rewrite of portions of codebase as technologies move forward. Also sometimes hosting plans changes, and web applications need to be moved to another, maybe with different stack available. That's the reason not all the products listed here are currently in working state, but we will bring them back!


Igra recima

Igra recima(Word game) is unique Serbian language dictionary. It offers usage examples of any serbian word, together with many other functions like finding rhymes, similar words, text analysis, switching text from computer latin to cyrillic, and many more.

Here are helpful links to show some of the functions (it helps if you know Serbian)

VD File Searcher

VD File Searcher is desktop application for finding local files.

It will help you easily and very quickly find files and directories on your local hard discs and other storage drives. Developed in Java programming language and based on the fastest open source Lucene search engine, it runs on every platform and find files in a second no matter how big your file system is, or how many files you have there.

Read more about this free and fast search application or go to download page.


HDIMS Javascript html layout logo


HDIMS is small javascript library for HTML layout. It enables setting elements position and dimensions easily and accurately, relieving you from burden to do so in CSS and additional elements tricks and quirks.

HDIMS library is still in development.


Cirilicar is Firefox add-on for Serbian cyrillic. It turns latin letters page into cyrillic in one click.



With powerful Javascript HTML 5 possibilities and programming APIs , one of most exciting and challenging things about it is creation of real and pure web games. Games presented here were started back then as small projects to explore its capabilities for some new ideas and interesting concepts.


Find your way through paths of complex mazes. All mazes are generated with advanced hand-made algorithm which ensures their versatility and randomness.

You can choose between two flavors of mazes, one where you are trying to find exit, and the other where is needed to find key to unlock objects. Use arrow keys to move character around.

Maze game screenshot
Gravitaris game screenshot


Ever wondered how popular Tetris (or Bricks) game would look like if it was round? Here's the answer. All the standard game rules apply, except you can move bricks all the way round with no right or left boundaries.


Exciting picture puzzle game, which will test your observing skills. If you enjoy in picture puzzles and revealing hidden images, you will like this one.

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Tips, tricks and techniques in web programming, java and javascript.

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